Ironic in this 50th anniversary year of DOFP that quite by chance I should find another Album in the same budget Decca series of 1967

I recently discovered 'Pianos in The Night' by Tony Osborne - from 1967

it has the same familiar boxed style cover as DOFP with a nice colour photo of a sunset sky over sea

it is Deramic Sound System Stereo SML 705
produced by;  Hugh Mendl and Michael Dacre-Barclay
Recording Engineer; Terry Johnson
Assistant Engineer;  Derek Varnals

the rear cover lists the other DSS releases;

DSS DML / SML 701 - Orchestral in The Night - Gordon Franks and his orchestra

DSS DML / SML 702 - Voices in The Night - Peter Knight and his orchestra and voices

DSS DML / SML 703 - Latin in The Night - The David Whitaker orchestra

DSS DML / SML 704 -  Brass in The Night - Tony Osborne's Three Brass Buttons

DSS DML / SML 705 -  Pianos in The Night - Tony Osborne
(details as above)

DSS DML / SML 706 - Strings in The Night - Gordon Franks and his orchestra 

plus of course next came;

DSS DML / SML 707 - Days of Future Passed - The Moody Blues
with The London Festival orchestra conducted by Peter Knight

a few names we all know in among those

all of the fellow DSS LPs have quite arty  impressive colour photos of the sky with clouds over a landscape taken either at early morning, late afternoon, the sunset,  twilight time, or a night view on the Latin album

nice in this 50th anniversay year of DOFP to also remember ALL of the ground breaking  DSS series Decca albums and to celebrate DOFP and it's long forgotten  fellow DSS albums, a series of promotional Stereo albums....without whom !!!

..and of which it appears there were just an initial  'core seven' releases ! (although early copies of 'In Search of The Lost Chord' later in 1968 were also issued on the DSS label before being transferred to the standard Deram label)

cold hearted orb that rules the night...

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