As many of you may have noticed, things are problematic right now on Yuku.  For example, in attempting to post this topic, I couldn't view the tool bar in order to enter any text into the topic.

There are several work-arounds while this problem persists: 

-You can click "preview" and then the tool bar will appear
-You can click "reload" (or Ctrl-F5 in some browsers)
-You can switch "editors" from WYSIWYG to YUKU 2.0 but that's very complicated and not worth it.

Other things that are temporarily not displaying properly:

- Drop downs are opening up in forums that use the classic themes.

- IPs are not displaying properly.

Those issues are a side effect of Yuku upgrading to higher DDoS protection.  Their techs are working around the clock to resolve these problems, and hopefully the end result will be a more secure and stable message board system.

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