Thanks to Ken Barnhart for providing the idea for a question of the month - and giving us a starter list!

Since the questions will be posted all over the board (depending on where they 'fit') we will keep a running list here for anyone who would like to go back and find them:

May 2009: Which Moodies album took the longest to grow on you?

June 2009: If Eric Burdon had hired Justin instead of passing his name along to Ray, would Justin still be with The Animals? Would they still be touring today? What type of music do you think they would be playing?

July 2009: Where were you on July 20, 1969:

August 2009: If you could add one song only to the concert set list, what would it be?

September 2009: Do you think the Moody Blues should be "100% live" when they perform?

October 2009: If Justin were going to do a Blue Jays-type solo album with another artist (not John), who would you most like to see him pair up with? Why?

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