Moody Blues Attitude is showcases forty years' worth of Moody Blues memorabilia and serves both as a historical museum and as a current resources service about the Moody Blues.

For those who are already members of the YUKU message board system and wish to become a member of Moody Blues Attitude, a short membership application must be completed. The application pops up whenever a non-member hits the "reply" button on a topic on the Moody Blues Attitude message board. Please fill out the short application and hit the "Send" button. The board owner and administrator are both notified by email of your application One of them will respond almost immediately and accept your membership. If there is a slight delay, it could be because both of them are temporarily away from their computers. If that happens please check back shortly. Both of them are never very far from being on the look-out for new membership applications.

If you are new to YUKU itself, you will first need to complete to register on YUKU. The process is very similar. When you attempt to post a reply to a topic on Moody Blues Attitude, you will see an application to join YUKU. Once your YUKU membership is activated, then you simply repeat the process, as stated in the previous paragraph, to join Moody Blues Attitude specifically (hit the "reply" button on any Moody Blues Attitude topic, bringing up the membership application Moody Blues Attitude).

People who have received an invitation to join the message board will still need to fill out the application (it takes two seconds). Again, the application pops up on the screen when a non-member tries to post a message on the board.

We request that anyone who would like to join Moody Blues Attitude please read the A-List (posted in the About This Board section). The A-List sums up the positive environment we hope to establish on this message board.

Members are asked to refrain from making negative comments on the board about other fans or Moody Blues-related websites. Controversial topics, such as party politics, are also something we ask be avoided on this particular board, in order to avoid causing division or hurt feelings.. Offensive material will be removed.

Our message board's name - Moody Blues Attitude - is our tribute to the caring, positive, and compassionate message found in the music of the Moody Blues.

If Moody Blues Attitude sounds like your kind of place, welcome aboard!

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