Although much of this is detailed on our "A" list, we would like everyone to know what our philosophy here at Moody Blues Attitude is concerning sharing information with other boards and websites about the band that all of us love.

Moody Blues Attitude was started so there could be a site where as much information as possible about the Moody Blues can be collected and shared. We try to collect everything we can about the band and organize it in a way so that once you find something, you know that you can always find it easily again here. Thus, topics such as online articles, band photos, concert videos, etc. are titled with the date first--you can always sort the topics by date by clicking on "topic title," and this makes it much easier to find things you are looking for.

What you can share with other sites (includes copying images):

We invite everyone to freely share most of the information on this board with other sites - this means we expressly authorize you to reproduce our commercial research and images on your own site, or your favorite sites. Examples would include scans of picture sleeves, photos of collectibles, online or scanned articles, rarities, and other information relating to anything commercially available. Although our research lists are proprietary (articles, tours, rarities, cover versions, online articles, alternative song versions), we allow all of these lists to be reproduced elsewhere. The only sharing requirement is that we ask you include a link back to the original page where you found the information at MBAttitude.

In fact, if any websites are interested in subscribing to topics like these so that they can receive the revised information whenever new items are posted, please contact Taranberk.

These items cannot be reproduced elsewhere, but you can provide links to our forums instead:

1) Fan art, writing, or photos where the individual fan has created something original and owns the copyright
2) Higher and Higher back issues, Friends of Mike Pinder, Moody Blues Fan Club or Justin Hayward Fan Club newsletters. Permission was only given to our site to display these.
3) Exclusive interviews given to MBAttitude

Our policy regarding other sites:

1) We respect proprietary information on other fan sites and provide links to original material without reproducing the text or images here.
2) We credit fan sites for sources of commercial material (such as articles or locations of online information) to promote other fan sites
3) We credit original commercial sites for news items by providing links to the source

We realize that not all boards and websites share a similar policy to ours. Our belief is that the Moody Blues would want their fans to have access to all of the commercial information there is about them, and that it is in the spirit of the music of the Moody Blues themselves that no board or website should have exclusive ownership of articles and information about the band that is freely available on the Internet. By allowing the free sharing of most of the contents of our board, we encourage the spirit of generosity and openness throughout the Moody Blues community. And in trying to live up to high ideals, all of us honor the band we love.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Taranberk or MoodyJill.

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